New Year, New Look

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If you have not yet, you will begin to notice soon the new logo above showing up across our print and digital media at the church. The new logo was developed alongside a new website that will appear in the next months. The logo and website will serve as a first impression and first encounter for many as they discover Southminster. The hope is that these two elements will reflect the flesh and blood and brick and mortar Southminster they will find. The logo incorporates a style of cross that is present throughout the church and on the east steeple particularly. The blued stained glass windows reflect our Presbyterian heritage and contains a map of the Brookside area. The Heart of Brookside motto is front and center under the church name and with a heart in the logo. This new logo and eventually the new website will serve as an attractive and updated welcome to visitors and lifelong members alike.

This change is also symbolic of the work that has been going into developing a new mission plan for the church. Through the fall, we discussed the past, present, and future of Southminster and Brookside. We celebrated past ministry successes and looked forward to future ministries that would impact our church and community. We also acknowledge the challenges that our church faces. At the annual Officer Retreat, your Elders and Deacons began the process of distilling those conversations from the fall into an actionable mission plan. That process will continue through the spring as Session and then the committees discern future ministry needs. A fully developed plan should be coming into focus during the summer. The new logo helps to mark this transition and the hopeful future we are building for Southminster.

Sometimes a church logo is just a church logo. It is something that appears across letterhead and on business cards. It does not have to be though. My hope is that we live into the message this new logo presents to the community who sees it. We are The Heart of Brookside. We can be guided by its call to care and be in the community we serve. As we discuss the future of this church and make plans for it, I see this vision is just below the surface of those conversations. We are The Heart of Brookside.

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