Pink Polka Dot Stroller at Sunrise

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A number of years ago, an older neighbor practiced Tai Chi on my street corner every morning as the sun rose. It was a beautiful juxtaposition of art and exercise bathed in the warm orange glow of the early morning light. I noted at the time his dedication. The gentleman did this every morning, regardless of temperature. The only thing that seemed to stop him was rain or snow. It was a religious and dedicated practice.

His daughter and granddaughter came to live with him and his wife after several years of this practice. There were three generations living under one roof at that point. Every morning after this change, there was no Tai Chi on the street corner. Instead, this man took his granddaughter to the park at the entrance to the neighborhood. He pushed her in a small pink polka dot stroller down the sidewalk, around the corner, and across the street swimming in the same warm glow that once lit his morning exercise. His new practice is just as religious and dedicated with a few more exceptions made for temperature.

What would be that important to you? This man is dressed and ready to play at the park with his granddaughter by 7:30am every day. She is dressed and ready to go too. Surely, they have both eaten and been awake for some time. He may have even gotten in his Tai Chi before all of this happens for all I know. What would get you going like that beyond a job Monday through Friday?

Luke 12:34 contains the often quoted line, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” This is true. “For where your time is spent, there your heart will be also” might be truer. Between all the places you could expend your time, where is it actually spent? Where would you like to spend it?

How much time are you spending in the park or at sunrise? How much time do you find yourself in silence or prayer? Where are you seeking out moments of awe? When do you cross paths with God?

Fall in the church always comes as an invitation. Our calendar starts again. Our programs restart. We offer a natural entrance point for your spiritual journey to start again or be renewed. This could mean worship or a Sunday school class. It could simply mean waking up to read your bible before or during the first light of the day. It might mean volunteering as schools start again or as the weather changes on our needy friends.

Where would you like to spend your time? What gets you out of bed?

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