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Southminster 75 Capital Campaign

On February 25, 2020, Southminster Presbyterian Church will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding. A Southminster 75 Committee is meeting to plan festivities throughout 2020 and a special worship service around that founding date.

Prior to the Southminster 75 celebration, Southminster will be transformed by a capital campaign meant to update the facility and prepare us for the next decades of ministry. The last major capital campaign was for the construction of the Community Center. Before that, it was the 50th anniversary (1995) of the founding of the church. What that means is that the majority of the church has not been touched in quite a while. Some areas have aged well. Other areas have not. The Southminster 75 Capital Campaign will address those needs and prepare the church to make an even greater impact on the community.

Our vision for ministry at Southminster is to be The Heart of Brookside for 1) For Worship, 2) For Care and Service, and 3) For Community Connection.  This capital campaign addresses and facilitates all three. Our worship space must be worshipful, attractive, and usable. Our building needs to be well kept and accessible. The exterior of the building has to give a welcoming first impression to guests and members alike. The upcoming pages will describe in greater detail how the Southminster 75 Campaign will accomplish all three and set us on a course for greater ministry impact in the future.

The cost to complete the five projects will be $350,000. Pledging towards the Southminster 75 Capital Campaign will begin on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. Pledge Cards are due to the church office no later than Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018. Pledges may be paid out over five years concluding on December 31, 2022. The first phase of projects will commence in July of 2018. An expanded tentative schedule is also attached.



  • Sanctuary Air Conditioner                                                     Cost – $110,000

The sanctuary air conditioner unit is in desperate need of replacement. While the heating unit was replaced in 2012, the air handler for the AC is original to the building. Other parts have been replaced through the years, but are leaking, noisy, and failing now. We can no longer rely on the unit to get us through the hot Oklahoma summers. Projected start date: Summer 2018.

  • Sanctuary Remodel                                                                    Cost – $70,000

Worship is the heart of faith life at Southminster. Providing an excellent space for worship is essential. Upgrades to the audio and video capability of the space will allow for richer and clearer worship. A new, modern sound and video system will be installed. Painting will repair noticeably peeling paint and trim. Projected start date: Summer 2018.

  • Community Center Elevator                                                   Cost – $100,000

The Community Center was always intended to have an elevator to provide access to the classrooms, meeting space, and walking track on the second floor. Budget constraints during construction eliminated the elevator in favor of a second-floor lift and utilizing the existing elevator in the older part of the building. After ten years of use, we know the second floor of the Community Center is all but unusable without more direct elevator access. Southminster 75 would address this deficiency. Projected start date: Summer/Fall 2018.

  • Cottrell Hall Remodel  Project                                            Cost – $30,000

Cottrell Hall is currently the most dated, unimproved, and damaged portion of the building. While the first-floor classrooms and nursery have been well kept, they are worn and in need of major improvement to be attractive to future children and young families. Exterior doors to the playground are also needed. The second floor of Cottrell Hall (excluding the Boy Scout space) needs the most attention. Classroom and storage space need to be remodeled, updated, and realigned for the numerous outside groups that use our building. This remodeling would include new paint, lighting, fixtures, and refurbished/new flooring. Projected start date: Summer 2019.

  • Eastside Exterior and Parking Lots                                      Cost – $40,000

The eastside of the building is the outward face of Southminster to the Brookside community. It must be an attractive first impression. It also needs to be functional. With the changes to the eastside of the first floor of Cottrell Hall, new exterior exits from the Mission Center, Fair Trade Shop, and Meditation Space are needed to make the space more usable and outward facing to Brookside. An exterior façade update that refreshes and ties together these spaces with the main entrance is also needed. Changes to the parking lot and sidewalks to accommodate these improvements will also be made. Projected start date: Summer 2019.



Campaign Announced at Annual Congregational Meeting                   March 4, 2018

Silent Phase of Campaign                                                        March 5-31, 2018

Campaign Kick Off and Pledging Begins                      Easter Sunday – April 1, 2018

Pledges Due                                                             Pentecost Sunday – May 20, 2018

Sanctuary Audio/Video Project Start                                               Summer 2018

Sanctuary AC Project Start                                                            Summer 2018

Sanctuary Painting Project Start                                                         Summer 2018

Elevator Project Start                                                            Summer/Fall 2018


Cottrell Hall Project                                                                      Summer 2019

East Exterior Project                                                                     Summer 2019


Founding Day Celebration                                                        February 23, 2020

75th Anniversary Celebration                                                             June 7, 2020

Homecoming Sunday                                                            September 13, 2020


All Pledges Due                                                                    December 31, 2022