Southminster Presbyterian Church
3500 South Peoria Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105  (918) 743-4427
Welcome to our church! Are you looking for a church that is caring, inclusive and responsive to the needs and joys of those in its congregation? Are you looking for a church that emphasizes mission work and doing the work we feel called to do? Are you looking for a church that emphasizes family and welcomes those of all ages? We are a traditional and beautiful Presbyterian Church that has a physical presence in the Brookside neighborhood for over 60 years. If this sounds like what you are looking for, we welcome you join us for Sunday Worship or any of the other activities we offer.
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Pastors: Southminster Presbyterian, USA       Rev. Tim Blodgett  Church of Saint Giles, CPC       Rev. Bill Webb 
Worship Times   9:15 am    Sunday school classes begin  10:30 am    Worship Service in Sanctuary    (On every 5th Sunday the Worship Service is in the gym)  11:30 am    Fellowship in Forbes Parlor   4:00 pm    Sunday Evening Service in dining hall
In mission partnership with The Church of St. Giles
Our Mission To seek by teaching, learning, exploring and inspiring. To care by supporting our members and our community. To serve by participating in church activities and mission outreach.
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The Heart Of Brookside Southminster has been a fixture of life in Brookside for 70 years. We love our neighbors and are actively involved throughout the community. For our church, ministry is not something done solely within the walls of a building. Ministry is the way we seek, care, and serve in Brookside. The Heart Of Brookside means at least two things to us. First and foremost, it speaks to the love we have for our community. This is our home and yours. We are a neighborhood church that draws members from across Tulsa, but particularly from our Brookside area. What happens in this community matters to us. We want to celebrate baptisms and weddings with you, mourn at memorial services alongside you, and worship and grow spiritually continually beside you. Second, Southminster is centrally located in Brookside. Located adjacent to Center 1, we are situated in the busiest part of Brookside. Our facility is a hub of activity for a very active community. Join us as we worship and serve in The Heart of Brookside. Rev. Tim Blodgett                  more
Rev. Tim Blodgett
Rev. Tim Blodgett